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Bo and Hank Whitman formed Lexington Paint and Supply more than 30 years ago with the goal of becoming the leader in fence paints in the Central Kentucky region.


Those goals have been vastly exceeded and today we are the industry standard for agricultural paints throughout the entire United States and Canada.


 Fencecoat Black was the early driving force for the company and continues to dominate the market as the ONLY major oil based Fence Paint on the market today. 


The 34 paint seasons we have been in business have seen many changes to the farm painting industry.  From more efficient airless painting equipment to the emergence of latexes in the market, we have evolved and continue to evolve with the best possible products.  25 plus years ago, when latex fence paint products were absent from the market, we introduced Fence Pro Black (100% acrylic latex fence and barn paint). 


Today Fence Pro Black stands as the leading latex fence paint on the market and is growing in popularity every year.


In our first ten years, we built an entire line of paint products for the agricultural user.  The agricultural painter places unique demands on his products and we produce products to address these demands.  By specializing in fence paint, barn paint, aluminum paint and agricultural coatings in general, we are able to focus on the needs of the agricultural user and not waste resources (higher prices) on qualities these users see little, if any value in.  Simply put, you cannot beat the value of our products in the agricultural community.


Our goal is to create the best product value in the industry.  Value would be defined as the best product at the best price combined with the best service.  We firmly believe our 34 year history shows we have done a superior job of accomplishing this goal and we plan on continuing this effort.  Thanks for visiting our site.


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