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Color - Gray

Finish - Gloss, 80 to 90 units @ 60 degrees

Drying time - @ 77F and 50% relative humidity

To touch: 4 - 6 hours Dry: 8 hours Re-Coat: 12 hours

Flash point - 105F (PMCC)

Viscosity - 75KU


Recommended coverage rate:

325 sq. feet per gallon @ 5 mils wet, 2 mils dry

Weight per gallon - 8.2 lbs (average)

Volume solids - 39.2% (average)

Weight solids - 41.3% (average)

VOC - less than 450 grams/liter












Mix thoroughly before applying

Surface to be coated should be free of all dirt, grease and oil as well as other contaminates

Rust should be removed with either hand or power tool cleaning

For bare metal, priming with Shopcoat is recommended

Apply with brush, roller or spray

Airless spray requirements:  

Pressure - 1200 to 2000psi

Filter - 60 mesh

Tip - .015" to .021"

Conventional spray - Binks 18 gun, 63C fluid nozzle, 63PB air nozzle

50 psi atomization pressure

15 - 20 psi fluid pressure

Thinning - No thinning recommended


Clean up with mineral spirits


enamel coat gray paint for use on horse farm barns and fences


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