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Color - Metallic aluminum

Components - One

Flash point - 105F (PMCC)


Recommended spread rate:

75 to 100sq. ft/gal

Dry time - @ 77F and 50% relative humidity

To touch: 6 hrs. Tack free: 12 hrs


Package - 5 gal pail









Method - Roof Brush,mop or commercial spray do not roll

Airless spray: Rating - 2.5 gallons per minute minimum

Pressure - 3000psi

Tip: 0.041" to 0.055"

Filter - none

Application temperature - Above 45F

Mix thoroughly before application

to uniform consistency

No thinning recommended

Surface preparation - Surface must be clean and dry

Remove oil, dust, dirt, loose rust, peeling paint or other contaminants to ensure good adhesion

Rust Treatment - An appropriate metal primer will extend the life of this coating and retard corrosion on rusted metal roofs


DO NOT USE on dead flat or gravel roofs

Clean up with mineral spirits

fibered aluminum paint for roofs


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