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Roofcoat Elastomeric


Roofcoat Elastomeric is an extremely economical 100% acrylic latex roof coating. Roofcoat has a flat finish and cleans up with soap and water. This coating resists mold and mildew while providing a superior hide to other white roof coatings. This product is made along the same lines as Flexcoat, however it is significantly thicker allowing it to bridge gaps and fill holes in leaky roofs. This product is designed to be applied in coats to build up mils of thickness to gradually fill holes, seams and other leaks.  Roofcoat Elastomeric white is suitable for concrete, non-rusty metal and other roof applications. It is NOT suitable for flat roof applications, roof must have slope. Over the last 20 years Roofcoat Elastomeric has risen to become the choice of contractors, painters, property owners and farmers when preforming property roof maintenance nationwide. Roofcoat Elastomeric can NOT be easily applied with airless sprayer, rollers/brushes are highly recommended. Recommended coverage per gallon: 100 square feet per gallon per coat. WARNING: Protect from freezing, allow adequate dry time before rain, dew or frost.





Color - White

Finish - Flat 3 - 6 units @ 60

Drying time - @ 77F and 50% relative humidity

Set To touch: 1hour Re-Coat: 8 hours

Weight per gallon - 12.11 lbs

Viscosity - 104KU

Tensile strength - 283psi

Elongation - 245%

Permeability @ 25 mils dry - 1.25 perms

Resistance to ponding water - 0.0456g,s/24hrs


Recommended coverage rate:

100 sq. feet per gallon @ 16 mils wet (theoretical, no loss)

60 sq. ft./gal@ 20 mils wet (typical)

Flash point - 201F (PMCC)

Volume solids - 50.8%

PVC - 42.9%

Weight solids - 65.9%














Method - brush, roller or spray

Brush - Full body - 20 mils wet

Roll - Full body - 20 mils wet

Airless spray requirements:  

Pressure - 3000psi

Fluid hose - 1/4" ID

Tip - .025" to .029"


Reduction - None recommended

Clean up - Water


Mixing - Mix thoroughly before use

Cracks in substrate - Repair with acrylic caulk and spun-glass cloth if necessary

Ponding areas - Build up with sufficient material to allow for drainage

Multiple coats - Apply 2 to 3 coats allowing sufficient time between coats for drying




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